My New Goal

Hmmm I haven’t written on here for a while. I apologize but hey better late than never. Since the last time I was here my martial career has taken a different path. I am no longer training at Combat Sports Academy, CSA, but that is mainly due to my finances. That really is a special place with great trainers and even greater people (student body). So if ever in the area and are looking for Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Krav Maga, Crossfit, or Muay Thai you should stop buy and say Samson sent you.

So what have I been training. Well for starters I have been very fortunate for finding people to always train with. Most of my training now is mostly just backyard stuff I’d say. I train in wing chun twice a week with Sifu Alson Yuen, a man with great wing chun  knowledge and ability to show it.  In addition I also train my sensitivity and grounding skills with a man who has enlighten me to what real kung fu is here in San Jose. Sifu Hui is a very skilled martial artist and with his guidance I am learning to refine my techniques and everything I have learned to become my own movement.

On to the reason why I am posting today. Sorry if this feels like I am all over the place, it is just the way my mind works. I was inspired by reading something online. It is called the 100 day challenge. Back in the day in China it was tradition that a student be able to accomplish the feat of touching his head to his foot before being taken in as a student. This showed the master determination and also tested a persons character by being able to focus in on a goal and achieve it. There are countless stories that document  this. e.g:

One day, Ban-Hou, on his way to the Imperial Court [where he taught a modified form of his Taijiquan to the Manchus] walking past the Royal Horse Stable, observed a young stable boy practicing the same Tai Chi forms he was teaching nightly in the Royal Garden. He confronted the boy as to how he could know this style of Tai Chi so well. The stable boy, named Wang Jiao-Yu, confessed that he had learned the forms by spying on his teaching nightly.

Ban-Hou learned the boy was Chinese, not a Manchu, and that they both came from the same city of Guang Ping. He asked the boy if he was serious about learning Kung-Fu from him. The boy immediately said yes and dropped to his knees to pay respect and appreciation by bowing to Ban-Hou one hundred times and with each bow hitting his forehead against the hard stone pavement.

When Wang finished bowing, his forehead red and bruised, Ban-Hou said to him, “If you really want to learn real Kung-Fu from me, you have to bend down to touch your chin to toe within 100 days.” Wang Jiao-Yu practiced very hard daily and succeeded in touching his chin to toe way before the 100 days had passed and thereby became one of only three disciples accepted to train by Yang Ban-Hou.
(“The Universal Post” vol. 1, issue 1)

So here I go 100 days to go. I will keep you posted


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