I read a book!!! WHOOO!

Update number three in the last hmmmm year or so :(, better late than never as I always say. So why am I all of a sudden posting on my blog? Could it be because I am so bored at work and have nothing else better to do or just amazed I finally read a book, probably the first book I have read post graduation of May 29th, 2010. The book is “Jingwu: The School That Transformed Kung Fu,” written by Brian Kennedy and Elizabeth Guo. Its a pretty interesting read on the beginnings of the Jingwu organization in Shanghai filled with pictures from the 10 year anniversary book the Jingwu put out. I personally liked it because it was an easy read, I finished it in a couple days, and that it gives credit to the early founders. The book also gives  insight to why the organization started minus the folkloric  myths and legends which are often accompanied in martial arts history. All and all together I believe this is a great book to add to your martial arts library and would recomend it to any chinese  martial arts historian interested in how kung fu survived into the modern 20th century.











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