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Shuai Jiao

July 31, 2011

Today is Shuai Jiao day for me. Wish I had a jacket to train with instead of always having to barrow one,so if anybody knows where i can buy a used one or online for cheap let me know. They are pretty expensive just for one piece compared to judo gi’s and the rest.  Help anyone?

Also just want to share my ideas on how to get better whenever you practice. For myself I just always narrow down my training to one or two techniques or principles, whatever it is you want to improve on during sparring, push hands, rolling etc. For today I have three techniques in mind; want to work on my entering and control into hip throw, chopping, and pulling and stopping the knee with the foot, in judo called Sasae-tsurikomi-ash.




July 30, 2011

Well I have been keeping myself busy of late training throughout the week. Sometimes I feel I have been spreading myself thin by not focusing on one style or just training with one teacher. Honestly I would like to think that it is the practitioner that makes a style effective and not the style itself. All martial arts or teachers have something useful to learn and that you can make your own. Truly I am a believer in principles of the art of martial movement than anyone style. That being said I leave you with this clip from you tube of Baji. Enjoy!