Shuai Jiao

Today is Shuai Jiao day for me. Wish I had a jacket to train with instead of always having to barrow one,so if anybody knows where i can buy a used one or online for cheap let me know. They are pretty expensive just for one piece compared to judo gi’s and the rest.  Help anyone?

Also just want to share my ideas on how to get better whenever you practice. For myself I just always narrow down my training to one or two techniques or principles, whatever it is you want to improve on during sparring, push hands, rolling etc. For today I have three techniques in mind; want to work on my entering and control into hip throw, chopping, and pulling and stopping the knee with the foot, in judo called Sasae-tsurikomi-ash.



2 Responses to “Shuai Jiao”

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  2. fearlessbrother Says:

    thanks for the reply…sorry i am lazy poster…..I love training Chiese martial arts but as of lately I have bee more focused on brazilia jiu jitsu. There are just more willing teachers. training partners. and less esoteric bull shit. Plus in my opinion rank is more based on ability and tested through pressure. Not saying BJJ is the best martial art nor self defese blah blah blah… for myself I just love the free form training environment, the and training modality. Plus i love the sport aspect as well, the training just toughing you up. Long story short the more I train the more I believe good movement is good movement! Thanks for reading!

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