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What is Jiu Jitu

June 4, 2015

Man sometimes I sit back and lurk on these internet forums, being the jiu jitsu geek that I am and cannot believe some of the things I  read. People putting each other down and denouncing certain elements of jiu jitsu or other grappling styles. Gets me thinking to myself what is Jiu Jitsu to me.

First and foremost I consider Jiu Jitsu to be an art, a martial art. As an art form it will have many interpretations as what it will mean to one individual it will defer from person to person. Lets start from the most obvious and try and drill down to find a definition of what is jiu jitsu. Martial arts in general have many different emphasis. Maybe true when first created all arts where truly martial in application and the benefits derived from them whether it be physical or psychological we can see were secondary. Today martial arts are looked for health, self defense, sportive, and also have military or a more combative application to them. So depending on your goals the way you practice an art can very depending on which one of the above categories you emphasize in your practice.

We can further drill down and categories jiu jitsu not only as a martial art but as a grappling emphasized  art. Today when we talk abut Brazilian Jiu Jitsu . In general most BJJ schools focus on sport orientated IBJJF Jiu Jitsu and some will incorporate a more MMA style based jiu jitsu. Schools where self defense or even more combative emphasis are few and far between. Between those choices you will have people from so many walks of life, ages, motives for practicing the gentle art. You may be a young gun who is training twice a day training to become a world champion on the same mats with a professional in his 40’s looking to relieve some stress after work and get some exercise. Man the more I think about it the more this question of what is jiu jitsu gets convoluted.

Short long story bro! To me jiu jitsu is just a beautiful art form to express myself. It has taught me and continues to teach me many lessons about life, and myself. It has given me strength mentally and emotionally. Taught me to be patient and resilient. To stay calm and be comfortable being uncomfortable. Jiu Jitsu is my life!