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My neck my back

February 9, 2017

T minus 5 more month until my baby girl is here, my girl friend and I are expecting happily I might add.  Although it is our first child for the both of us and we are freaked the !@#!@ out at what to expect, how to parent, what kind of world our kid will be raised in etc….One of the first questions that popped into my head which I really haven’t expressed with my girl friend is how and when will I get my training in. So naturally I have been training as much as I can and at times even twice a day (before work and after work).  Mind you I wil be the first to say I do not train that hard and for me its more about frequency. Being more on the lighter side…..although I have put on more weight of late close to 160 now where in the past I have been lower 150 or high 140. Anyways I am getting off track…life is all over the place… I got work responsibilities…looking for extra part time work while looking for a new place to live for my girl friend and I…..and all I can think about while at work is getting to jiu jitsu in the evening so I can just relax and get away for just an hour or two at night…the fact I also found out the sex of my baby girl (omg a girl!!!I am blessed but a girl!!!) makes me want to train even harder and longer just thinking about the future got to keep my game on point and sharp to keep the boys away….but why am I rambling…because I have been stressed and the one thing I have in my life that keeps me in check and balanced jiu jitsu for now is off the books for the next couple day because I tweaked my neck….so now I have nothing but time to think……fml….I know im complaining but I am blessed to have the life I have…..but I like to complain….so here you go internet….


Shuai Jiao

July 31, 2011

Today is Shuai Jiao day for me. Wish I had a jacket to train with instead of always having to barrow one,so if anybody knows where i can buy a used one or online for cheap let me know. They are pretty expensive just for one piece compared to judo gi’s and the rest.  Help anyone?

Also just want to share my ideas on how to get better whenever you practice. For myself I just always narrow down my training to one or two techniques or principles, whatever it is you want to improve on during sparring, push hands, rolling etc. For today I have three techniques in mind; want to work on my entering and control into hip throw, chopping, and pulling and stopping the knee with the foot, in judo called Sasae-tsurikomi-ash.



July 30, 2011

Well I have been keeping myself busy of late training throughout the week. Sometimes I feel I have been spreading myself thin by not focusing on one style or just training with one teacher. Honestly I would like to think that it is the practitioner that makes a style effective and not the style itself. All martial arts or teachers have something useful to learn and that you can make your own. Truly I am a believer in principles of the art of martial movement than anyone style. That being said I leave you with this clip from you tube of Baji. Enjoy!

March 7, 2011

So my teacher/sifu asked me this Saturday to write a short essay as to why I want to learn kung fu to keep on file. He said usually asks students to do this when they first started but did not think we were serious enough at first so he asked us now:) Anyways the point of the essay is that he will ask us in the future to do the same thing we will be able to see how much our answers have changed and what direction our practice is taking us due to maturing in out art. So here is what I wrote:

Why do I want to learn Kung Fu?  Well ever since I was a young child I have been fascinated with the martial arts. Mostly due to the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles but honestly as children we have many interests and fads and even shorter attention spans. Therefore I cannot honestly explain this strange attraction other than to say I had a natural affinity to it.  That is not to say that it was easy for me or I was a natural. As a young kid I was full of energy but a little chubby and very inflexible. Through consistent training I learned that in martial arts and just about anything in life, being good at something takes a lot of hard work and time. Therefore martial arts showed me and/or gave me hope at a young age that you can do anything if you are willing to put in the work.

Fast forward to my college years I finally knew that what I was really interested in is kung fu. For some reason from all of the different styles/systems available out there the Chinese Martial Arts attracted me most for their’ aesthetics, variety, and long and sometimes often to fantasized history. Little did I know about internal vs. external, shaolin vs. wudang etc. etc. I got into contemporary wushu trained hard to train my body to endure the physical demands required of the routines but by the end of it all I realized that although training gave me discipline, and increased physical attributes. The movements felt empty and more dance like than martial in nature and the demand on the body was too much which meant a short competitive career similar to a gymnasts. So I got into a couple months at a JKD school, some time at a Muay Thai/ BJJ school still locking for the real deal and my niche in the martial arts world.

So it wasn’t until April 12, 2010 (I checked and found the old emailsJ) that I replied to a Craigslist add by chance looking for a training partner that I found you. What I learned in that first hour of meeting you was that I really didn’t know anything. I was really interested in knowing what you know and how it is that you knew it! I really like your philosophy and what you had to say that day and I can honestly say even though I wanted to be a better person and develop my self I really wanted to learn how to make my martial art functional so I did not want to feel like I wasted years of my life learning useless skills. All I can say that when I first began to train with you and Treet training was tough and I was definitely eating bitter. In the back of my mind I couldn’t help to think that I was a punching bag for your student. The more we trained and more importantly the more you talked to me as we often do after training at kung fu garage I can slowly see feel changes and how I was moving and reacting jut from all the sparring we were doing. I was stumped honestly. You opened my eyes to what true martial skill is and got me feeling, thinking, and moving using intent and trying to cultivate skill. I feel truly blessed to have met you and train under somebody who is so willing to teach openly without holding back. I can say today that my goals are not the same as when I first walked into the garage.

I feel that my goals are now to:

  • To train hard and maintain a high level of skill in order to be able to defend myself or loved ones should the need arise, now that my eyes are opened to what real kung fu is I want to be able to absorb as much as I can. I feel like I am just at the very beginning.
  • Preserve these training methods and art for the next generation or for those who seek the knowledge so that it does not fall into obscurity and disappear
  • Continue to not only develop myself physically but mentally and spiritually
  • Always continue to research, refine, and test myself on all levels body/mind/spirit

“If you wish to rule the country, first you must rule your own house. If you wish to rule your house, you must be capable of ruling yourself. The aim of exercising is not to subjugate (another) man, but to subjugate you. If you can subjugate yourself,  you will be able to subjugate others as well and be unconquered (by them). If you are able of conquering, others wouldn’t dare conquer you.” –  Jin Yi Ming

My New Goal

August 8, 2010

Hmmm I haven’t written on here for a while. I apologize but hey better late than never. Since the last time I was here my martial career has taken a different path. I am no longer training at Combat Sports Academy, CSA, but that is mainly due to my finances. That really is a special place with great trainers and even greater people (student body). So if ever in the area and are looking for Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Krav Maga, Crossfit, or Muay Thai you should stop buy and say Samson sent you.

So what have I been training. Well for starters I have been very fortunate for finding people to always train with. Most of my training now is mostly just backyard stuff I’d say. I train in wing chun twice a week with Sifu Alson Yuen, a man with great wing chun  knowledge and ability to show it.  In addition I also train my sensitivity and grounding skills with a man who has enlighten me to what real kung fu is here in San Jose. Sifu Hui is a very skilled martial artist and with his guidance I am learning to refine my techniques and everything I have learned to become my own movement.

On to the reason why I am posting today. Sorry if this feels like I am all over the place, it is just the way my mind works. I was inspired by reading something online. It is called the 100 day challenge. Back in the day in China it was tradition that a student be able to accomplish the feat of touching his head to his foot before being taken in as a student. This showed the master determination and also tested a persons character by being able to focus in on a goal and achieve it. There are countless stories that document  this. e.g:

One day, Ban-Hou, on his way to the Imperial Court [where he taught a modified form of his Taijiquan to the Manchus] walking past the Royal Horse Stable, observed a young stable boy practicing the same Tai Chi forms he was teaching nightly in the Royal Garden. He confronted the boy as to how he could know this style of Tai Chi so well. The stable boy, named Wang Jiao-Yu, confessed that he had learned the forms by spying on his teaching nightly.

Ban-Hou learned the boy was Chinese, not a Manchu, and that they both came from the same city of Guang Ping. He asked the boy if he was serious about learning Kung-Fu from him. The boy immediately said yes and dropped to his knees to pay respect and appreciation by bowing to Ban-Hou one hundred times and with each bow hitting his forehead against the hard stone pavement.

When Wang finished bowing, his forehead red and bruised, Ban-Hou said to him, “If you really want to learn real Kung-Fu from me, you have to bend down to touch your chin to toe within 100 days.” Wang Jiao-Yu practiced very hard daily and succeeded in touching his chin to toe way before the 100 days had passed and thereby became one of only three disciples accepted to train by Yang Ban-Hou.
(“The Universal Post” vol. 1, issue 1)

So here I go 100 days to go. I will keep you posted

I wana talk to Samson!

November 14, 2009

440Hello everybody! My name is Samson you can call me Sammy or Samson lol but yea I finally got a blog, not that anybody wants to hear anything I have to say but who cares. Wanna here it ! Here it goes……

My name is Samson Hayilu professional college student for the last ummm,long time now, at San Jose State University and lover of Martial arts and Basketball.

My Martial career started long time ago when I first watched Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (TMNT) and I have been hooked ever since. In fifth grade I was lucky enough to find a great place to train at Lees Martial Arts in South San Jose where I studied Kenpo all throughout middle school. At Lee’s I got my first taste of martial arts sparring, self defense, and forms.

Shortly after beginning high school I moved to Tracy,CA where my martial arts training was put on halt until my freshmen year in college. I was in search of getting back into the arts again and was searching for something special and I found Wushu, a contemporary art which emphasized a lot of forms and the artistic side of martial arts. Watching a lot of Jet Li and Jackie Chan movies at the time I was really attracted to the asthetics of the style. Luckily for me I lived in such a diverse place where there were a lot of quality coaches in the area coming from china all the time. Mainly I owe my limited knowledge of Wushu to: David Chang of Wushu Central, Peter Hoogduin of California Wushu, Ding Wei of Ding Wei Wushu Academy.

Recently I just decided to retire form Wushu all together. Because of my inconsistant training, wushu is expensive, and that I am getting older I just wanted to find something that is practical for being able to defend my self. I guess this is bringing me to the twilight years of my martial arts training at the young age of 26 lol.

Today I train in more reality based martial arts focusing on self defense at Combat Sports Academy (CSA) one of the cleanest looking facilities I have worked out in with the best coaches in all kinds of disciplines such as; Muay Thai, Krav Maga, Jiu Jitsu, Boxing, Crossfit etc. and Bahala Na Multi Style Escrima once a week in Stockton, CA.

Now that you know a little about me feel free to tell me about you. Also I hope to share my experiences and views on martial arts and be able to meet others who have the same interests through this blog! Black man out!