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The toughest people in Jiu Jitsu

November 1, 2017

As I sit here on hiatus from my own training due to my first and hopefully last popped rib injury, I am just reflecting on my training and thinking about who the toughest people I have meet in jiu jitsu are. I don’t know about you I have had my share of roll with competitive and top level black belts and colored belts. Yes they are tough and have incredible technique, of course!  I just want to give gratitude to the every day person like 99% of us come in and train after a long day of work. The come and train giving their all. Even if they are getting there ass kicked show up day after day. Believe me the grind is real and hard…in life and on the mats! I salute everybody who comes to class and gets their daily dose of medicine and choose to come back time and time again. You are the toughest person in jiu jitsu, thank you!



January 30, 2017


Change  1.make or become different.    2.take or use another instead of.

Man at 33 years of age I cant help but feel and wonder what else in life will change. To my dismay  or even disbelief today I sit here and reflect not only on my jiu jitsu but my life in general. And wow! All I can think of is “wow,” how I have changed. I started on this journey over 5 years ago late in my 20’s. At the time a young man still full of piss and vinegar. Immature good nature party guy who often gets in his own way. I did that in my relationships,  I did it with my studies, to a certain extent I still do it but man even though I am still the same person I look back and see big difference, life like jiu jitsu is hard. We will lose loved ones, we will be hurt, have our good days and bad one. Just like in jiu jitsu if for whatever our motivation keep showing up, endure, we will learn and grow from our mistakes. We will have an opportunity to become a better version of ourselves than we were the moment before. We will get to feel connected and have an impact on the lives of the people around us more than we will ever know. Blessed I am to live another day, to train and improve myself on a daily basis mentally, physically, and spiritually. This crazy roller coaster of life and jiu jitsu continues on!

Martial Frustrations

August 9, 2011

Why is it so many people who practice Chinese Martial Arts especially internal are so particular about body positioning, movement etc. cannot fight for shit. Always explaining how this position your structure is such and such or that you have more power in x position, these people to be honest I believe could not fight their way out of a paper bag. I am not bashing but I would rather learn through experience and see if you can actually do what you say. When fighting and moving from my own personal experience is a dynamic situation where people are moving from one position to another. Personally for fighting even though your body should have a basic structure I think principles should be emphasized more and less emphasis on stylistic differentiations such as the correct bong sau or tan sau occurs at X degree. Try stopping a full powered hook with a tan sau and see what happens. Anyways this is just my rant….I’d rather just play or spar and see what works for me no matter what I am doing. I got flavors but no style!